Brief description of Ping An Good Doctor, the world’s leading digital health platform

Ping An Good Doctor is a digital platform led by the Chinese insurance giant Ping An, whose objective is to provide a medical doctor for every family, an electronic health record for each person, and a health insurance plan for everyone.

It provides its customers with a high-quality health ecosystem of partners that offer many services. The platform counts more than 3 million monthly paying users, around 70 million monthly active users, and more than 300 million registered users.

The Private Doctor service is the leading-edge health service of the platform, with which online users can access via the Ping An Good Doctor app, and enjoy various services:

  • 24×7 online family doctor for consultation and diagnosis (referral, appointment-making, prescriptions);
  • online consultations with specialists;
  • easy medicine purchase and delivery;
  • health community with contents, interests, and popular users, focused on specific topics such as cosmetics, weight-loss, healthcare, heterosexual relationship, and chronic illness;
  • personalized health plan, using rewards and engagement strategies to incentive physical training and to avoid unhealthy behaviors;
  • healthcare and wellness services, such as recommended health checkup packages or genetic tests, to evaluate the risk of suffering from illnesses and take proactive interventions;
  • many other online to offline services, through which the customer is proposed to buy online and finalize his purchase in a physical shop.

By leveraging a ‘one-stop-shop’ business model and ‘online to offline marketing strategies, Ping An Good Doctor is allowing people to easily connect to a network of best-in-class doctors and health practitioners. Unlike the traditional way of purchasing an insurance product, where the customer pays a membership rate to take advantage of multiple services, all this happens in a very well-designed e2e journey.

Ping An Good Doctor has cooperated with 2.000 laboratories and test centers and gained support from the doctors in 100 renowned hospitals in the country, and the world’s top 10 hospitals to ensure handy and accurate medical service to users across the globe.

In my opinion, Ping An Good Doctor is the pioneer of a new way of conceiving insurance services and healthcare-related services, by making them comprehensive, complementary, and easily accessible. But at the same time, it has made such services more inclusive, since even more people can now access and enjoy them.

Its solution represents the cutting-edge application of a healthcare platform-based business model, in which an insurance company leads an ecosystem of health providers, with the purpose of offering a comprehensive ‘one-stop experience to customers.

In a medically underserved country like China, Ping An has made healthcare democratic since allows everybody to easily access the best doctors and health services. Also, the service quality has dramatically arisen since people can access the best doctors via the web.

Ping An Good Doctor makes insurance services more inclusive, as it enlarges the customer base of people suffering from chronic diseases, by offering them dedicated services and continuous monitoring.


Francesco Falivelli

HealthTech and insurTech passionate. Working at the intersection of healthcare, insurance and social impact.

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