What are the market trends in the health services sector for the coming years

  • Development of services and products based on the collection of behavioral data. Their goal is to keep engaged to drive behaviors.
  • The spread of telemedicine services will be accelerated by the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • Spread of online enabling/supporting services such as appointment booking and purchasing.
  • Pharmacies become active players in health ecosystems.
  • Development of digital health ecosystems through partnerships between companies offering complementary services.
  • More gradually, other high-value-added services are expected to be spread such as remote diagnosis services, health parameter monitoring services, device-based real-time demand analysis systems, dashboards, and AI algorithms.
  • Development and spread of digital therapies.

Francesco Falivelli

HealthTech and insurTech passionate. Working at the intersection of healthcare, insurance and social impact.

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