WHY Digital Helps Care

There is still a huge gap between chronic patients’ needs and healthcare services being offered them. It’s time to move forward with new solutions really designed around patient, by leveraging digital technologies and behavioral science evidences.

An integrated approach coupled with connected care solutions enables an enhanced patient engagement, resulting in more successful overall treatment.

Health service ecosystems focused on the real customer’s needs are the trump card to improve the life of chronic patients as well as to prevent the occurrence of diseases in healthy people.

The development of such ecosystems should be based on the following inspiring principles:

  • Providing care prevention journey accessible to all, in order to avoid the occurrence of diseases that are most often linked to an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Designing care journey “with and around the patient”
  • Keeping patient continuously engaged throughout the entire care journey
  • Measuring the efficacy of treatment by taking advantage of digital technology. Only by measuring, it is possible to understand whether we are following the right way or not
  • Promoting a more proactive and inclusive role of large companies operating within the health ecosystem (e.g. pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies).

If the mission speaks to you, as a healthcare worker, patient, caregiver or digital health enthusiast I’d love to hear from you! Do drop me a message at info@digitalhelpscare.com, and I look forward to continuing the conversation.

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